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Looking for an editing & proofreading service? We pair you with the Genre & Niche Specific editor who is passionate about perfecting your book into the next best seller.

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We know you put a lot of time and effort into your book. But to bring out the best in your writing, you have to see beyond the concepts; you need to dig deeper and correct all the grammar, spelling, punctuation, characters, layout, or language flaws.

At times due to a language barrier or time constraints, authors miss this crucial stage of writing which hinders their publication process. You have done all the work, but to get your book ready for publication, you'll need book editing services. Now here comes a critical question, who should you choose? How can you tell if a book editor you've hired online is reliable? What is the most incredible place to look for affordable book editing services?

This is where we come in! At Scribe Marketers, we care about your work. That is why your book is handled with great attention to detail by one-in-a-thousand professionals. Speak to our consultant to know all about our best editing services and which type may work the best for your manuscript.

We Offer White-Glove Services When It Comes to Book Editing and Formatting.

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Perfecting Your Manuscript at Unparalleled Quality and Reasonable Price

Getting your book edited by a professional can help you improve the quality of your script. At Scribe Marketer, we offer consultation services to help you figure out the type of editing service your manuscript needs and then assign a dedicated team to meet your expectations. Our book editing prices differ depending on the editing your book requires. This means there won’t be chances of you paying more it will be affordable book editing.

Collaborating with us means working closely with experienced editors who can help bring out the best in your writing. You can enhance the tone and language accuracy of concept development and plot consistency. We do everything we can to help you succeed. There are many book editing companies, but one of the most significant benefits of working with us is that our process is easy, and our step-by-step approach makes everything convenient for you.

During our editing, whether we are doing copyediting or developmental editing, we provide you with concrete feedback along with the editorial review so that you can have complete confidence in your write-ups.

We Have Simple and Straightforward book editing services
Here’s What Our Editing Service Looks Like

After you sign up for our book editing services, a dedicated account manager will guide you on how to submit your manuscript to us.

Our editorial board will review your manuscript and share written feedback to highlight crucial points or any weaknesses in your manuscript.

After the editorial review, our editors will ask you questions for further clarification of information. In the meanwhile, start working on your manuscript for editing purposes.

As part of our manuscript editing services, we employ a professional book editor who will work directly with you to implement any requested modifications.

After final edits, proofreading, and formatting, we can help you submit your manuscript for publication depending on your preferred package and affordable book printing process!

We offer affordable book editing services

Our book editorial board reviews your script and looks at every part of it, including the story and how it is put together. From improving the story structure to enhancing its structure, language, and punctuation, we do it all.

If you search for book editing companies near me, you will find many companies, but the thing that makes us stand out from others is Our online book editor allows you to select the editing service that best meets your demands.

Developmental Editing: Developmental editing is the initial phase of the editing process. We assign a dedicated developmental editor to assist you. As a result, the author can work on the theme, story structure, and voice, along with other important elements.

Line Editing: Line editing is also said to be sentence-by-sentence editing of the text. It ensures the content remains logical, organized, engaging, and informative. Our book editors for hire are more concerned with stylistic difficulties.

Copy Editing: Copyediting services check for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and factual inaccuracies while editing documents. Our best editing services focus not only on the language but also on the overall structure to ensure that the script adheres to the stylistics. Textbooks and other nonfiction works, as well as manuscripts nearing completion, are ideal candidates for this approach.

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John Alia

As a father, it is difficult to keep tabs on what is happening in my life. I wanted to write a fictional fantasy book since my youth, and when I had entered adult life, I simply could not find the time for it. A coworker recommended Scribe Marketer, and I have never been so motivated in my life! Kudos to the team.

Mikel Ferrera

As an aspiring student at a university, I wanted to compile my dissertation and make it into a book. I did not know how to accomplish this feat until I found Scribe Marketer. They guided me and pointed me to the correct path.

Marie Westwood

Recently I have started to volunteer for children’s hospitals in my city. I wanted to find different goodies, including books and toys, to donate to them, and it’s surprisingly hard to find a children’s book that is truly unique. A friend of mine introduced me to Shree and Timeline. I was pleasantly surprised when I found it. The book was loved by the kids, nurses, and doctors alike!

Ziauddin Zia

Working with Scribe Marketers has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. Highly professional individuals in their team that are creative but don’t take away your originality from your project. I appreciate every single person on their team for making my experience a smooth ride. Definitely worth it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, to understand how ghostwriting services work, here are some of the FAQs that will help you understand the overall ghostwriting process.

Ghostwriting is 100% ethical because you are the author. You have provided us with the idea and the initial groundwork, which is the thought process behind your book, before presenting it to us. Hence, this work is yours and only yours. It is also fully authentic since it is your original idea and not something you are taking from us. Our team at Scribe Marketer is there to aid you in your journey toward creating your book.
Yes. Scribe Marketers will not only assist but completely take over the difficult and oftentimes frustrating process of book publishing. We are here to handle everything that comes after the completion of the book. All you need to do is get ready for after your book is published. The rest, you let us handle!
Firstly, it depends on the author, as some want their project done in a short amount of time and others want to pan out their deliveries over the course of months. If we generally talk, it takes around 4 to 6 months to finish a project, but even then, this timeline is not for everyone. The timeline also depends on how much work the author has already spent on their project and whether our team will need to do extensive research to create an outline.
Projects that need editing or developmental editing generally require less time for completion, but writing projects can go on for months. Over the course of the writing process, authors may also change their minds regarding something, which can also set us back from the scheduled time. Hence, we can’t give a definite answer, but we assure you that here at Scribe Marketer’s always aimed to be on time and nothing less.
The author owns all the rights to their book, and it will remain that way even after book publishing since we will never ask for royalties no matter how much audience the book gains. We are a ghostwriting organization, and our main attraction is the sole reason that we remain nameless in the proceedings that come after the completion of the book. You, as the author, are the face of the book, and the words written in it are your words because they were borne from your own original ideas, and no one has the right to take that away from you.
Apart from ghostwriting services, our team delves into many services, such as marketing, publishing, book review and consultation, editing and formatting, custom book covers, and audio books. Our team consists of professionals that have experience in every service that we offer because providing you with the best quality work is our priority.
From creating an outline to marketing your book to a broader audience, our team is available to help you through all the steps that are essential when launching a new book. We will do our most to provide you with a smooth ride and hope that the work we do for you is up to your expectations. So that you not only look forward to the launch of your book eagerly but also think about us while working on your next project.
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