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Our professional team of experts writes book descriptions worthy enough to catch the reader's attention. The team at Scribe Marketer produces a captivating book blurb that perfectly complements your book's content.

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Blurb writing is an essential part of book marketing. You might lose a lot more sales than you realize if your blurb is plain, with no emotions or compulsions. On the other hand, a well-written blurb can make a huge difference in your sales and compel readers to buy your book.

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Our Approach

Book Blurb Writing service

Writing a powerful and effective blurb is definitely a skill that comes only with experience. We help you create the back-cover description without giving your readers' spoiler alerts because, after all, piquing curiosity is what we do the best.

The Blurb Writing Services That Only Best-Selling Authors Employ.

Writing a book does not guarantee that your book will have success in terms of sales. If you are looking to succeed as an author, you need to adapt marketing techniques that only the best-selling author knows.

Among those gimmicks and tactics, blub writing is one of them. For your commercial success, we will write a snappy, engaging, emotionally-driven, or logically sound description that can persuade casual browsers into serious readers.

We take every step to provide you with this crucial component for marketing your book. We write blurbs for a range of genres, including fiction and nonfiction. Our experts also deploy multiple marketing methods to capture customers' interest and increase revenue.

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A Practical Book Blurb Writing Process

Our process is initiated after getting all the crucial information about your blurb writing. To kick-start the project, we will share a brief with you to understand your expectations. Please fill out the brief to the fullest of your knowledge because a good brief is exactly equal to a good copy.

After receiving all the intimate information about your book, we assign a dedicated project manager and a blurb writer to work on your project. Behind this dedicated blurb writer is a whole network that works together to make your copy effective and powerful.

Our professional blurb writers prepare the initial draft based on your brief and the manuscript. During the writing process, we strive to propose a winning and show-stopping blurb that goes well with your marketing strategies.

There are times when a client wants to revise the initial draft or have some ideas of their own to include in the blurb; considering the request, our amazing blurb writers make the changes in the content until the client is completely satisfied with the end product.

We submit the final deliverable file only after running the copy with A/B Testing. Likewise, you will never see us sharing a halfhearted file. We keep revising the content until we are fully confident in our copy and happy with the results. This leads us to pledge that when you work with the Scribe Marketer, you will work with a team of professionals who always think on your behalf and celebrate your victory every step of the way.

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Our Years Of Experience Goes Into Every Blurb We Write

We stopped our blurb counting after hitting our four figures. Having the privilege to work with a global audience has helped us refine our skills to the fullest for your satisfaction. We keep writing and revising the content until we create a winning description that compels the readers to proceed to the checkout counter.

Not only will we provide you with a professionally written or edited blurb, but we will also provide you with free taglines and a finishing punch line. This approach will enable you to market your book on platforms such as Amazon and Facebook with confidence.

Why Scribe Marketer for Book Blurb Writing Services
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Anthony Reardon

It is difficult for me to describe in words how thankful I am that I found Scribe Marketers at the right time in my life. I was stuck in a rut. The words were there in my brain, but I just could not translate those thoughts into words on the word document, which I used to open and shut daily without any development. I was perusing social media when I stumbled upon an advertisement for Scribe Marketers. I started researching and even contacted some of my peers whose books were displayed on their portfolios. They waxed poetic, and I knew then that I had to try. Now, a year later, I feel like that was the best decision I have ever made. The team at Scribe Marketers makes you feel at so much ease that it feels like we already had a connection from our first consultation. They understood my thoughts and were able to form very intelligible sentences for my book, and I couldn’t have been happier. All my heartfelt thanks to the team!

John Caps

Being a doctor, time is something that I really struggle with. The hours not spent in the hospital are either spent resting or with family and friends, rare as they are. When I needed to write my research article and was running out of my deadline, I knew I had to do something about it. A friend who had been in the same position as me recommended Scribe Marketers. This organization is worth every penny. They took all my demands in stride and provided me with a well-written and coherent paper within the scheduled time. My experience with them was nothing but amazing, and if I need more help in the future, I will definitely be returning to them!

Zayne Daniel

My experience with Scribe Marketer has been one of the most satisfactory in this line of the field. I was aware of them as I have previously been involved with ghostwriting organizations. I had a finished book, but I felt that it could have some improvement, and for this, I needed a beta reader. I approached their team, and from the first interaction, I knew that this was going to be a great experience. I received a critical review for my first draft, and everything they told me rang true. Since then, I have never felt the need to complain about anything at all. Kudos to everyone at Scribe Marketers. Keep up the good work!

Ziauddin Zia

Working with Scribe Marketers has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. Highly professional individuals in their team that are creative but don’t take away your originality from your project. I appreciate every single person on their team for making my experience a smooth ride. Definitely worth it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, to understand how ghostwriting services work, here are some of the FAQs that will help you understand the overall ghostwriting process.

Ghostwriting is 100% ethical because you are the author. You have provided us with the idea and the initial groundwork, which is the thought process behind your book, before presenting it to us. Hence, this work is yours and only yours. It is also fully authentic since it is your original idea and not something you are taking from us. Our team at Scribe Marketer is there to aid you in your journey toward creating your book.
Yes. Scribe Marketers will not only assist but completely take over the difficult and oftentimes frustrating process of book publishing. We are here to handle everything that comes after the completion of the book. All you need to do is get ready for after your book is published. The rest, you let us handle!
Firstly, it depends on the author, as some want their project done in a short amount of time and others want to pan out their deliveries over the course of months. If we generally talk, it takes around 4 to 6 months to finish a project, but even then, this timeline is not for everyone. The timeline also depends on how much work the author has already spent on their project and whether our team will need to do extensive research to create an outline.
Projects that need editing or developmental editing generally require less time for completion, but writing projects can go on for months. Over the course of the writing process, authors may also change their minds regarding something, which can also set us back from the scheduled time. Hence, we can’t give a definite answer, but we assure you that here at Scribe Marketer’s always aimed to be on time and nothing less.
The author owns all the rights to their book, and it will remain that way even after book publishing since we will never ask for royalties no matter how much audience the book gains. We are a ghostwriting organization, and our main attraction is the sole reason that we remain nameless in the proceedings that come after the completion of the book. You, as the author, are the face of the book, and the words written in it are your words because they were borne from your own original ideas, and no one has the right to take that away from you.
Apart from ghostwriting services, our team delves into many services, such as marketing, publishing, book review and consultation, editing and formatting, custom book covers, and audio books. Our team consists of professionals that have experience in every service that we offer because providing you with the best quality work is our priority.
From creating an outline to marketing your book to a broader audience, our team is available to help you through all the steps that are essential when launching a new book. We will do our most to provide you with a smooth ride and hope that the work we do for you is up to your expectations. So that you not only look forward to the launch of your book eagerly but also think about us while working on your next project.
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